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Founded in 2004, the TRANS-ENG Commercial and Service Deposit Partnership provided English-Hungarian translation services mainly in technical field, which represented the core of our translation activities. It was a demand for such service and the mechanical engineering experience of its founder – 9 years in Australia - that gave birth to our enterprise more than 15 years ago. This background ensures good quality translations when source materials are highly technical and complicated. The TRANS-ENG Bt ceased to operate in 2018, and its founder continued to provide translation services as a self-employed translator.

English-Hungarian Technical Translation

The technical field is my speciality, however we also translate general materials including web content, marketing campaigns, advertising/promotion materials, contracts, letters, reports, etc.

Our largest customers comes from engineering sector, more specifically from lift, crane, material handling, hydronic heating and automotive industry.

There is a strong demand for editable Word documents translated from English PDF source materials, which is the least expensive way of creating good quality instalation, maintenance and user manuals in Hungarian. 

With years of technical translation experience we can translate poor quality source materials (materials translated into English by non-native English speakers).






(translated text without spaces)

English → Hungarian

1.90  HUF +VAT

Hungarian → English

2.40  HUF+ VAT

Prices include:

  • All operations required to overwrite source material with Word program,Prices/English-Hungarian Technical Translation
  • Normal editing of translated text,
  • Overwriting texts of figures and tables,
  • Spelling check,
  • Electronic delivery of completed materials,
  • Coordinating terminology with the Client.

Prices do not include:

  • Any editing activities beyond normal overwriting (in special cases, please ask for a quote to cover additional operations.


    Specialist translations

    Hydronic heating products – Danfoss Ltd.:

    • User/Installation/Maintenance manuals for ECL Comfort electronic controllers and Cards
    • Self-actuating controllers
    • Valve actuators
    • Indirect substations
    • Thermostatic valves
    • Riser controllers
    • Technical papers (from Hungarian to English)
    • Pressure balanced flow controllers (AB-QM valves)
    • Marketing materials for new products

    Lifting equipment / cranes – Kone Cranes Ltd., Hoffmann Fördertechnik, Donatti:

    • User/Installation/Maintenance manuals for main units (Kone)
    • Crane specification (from Hungarian to English) (Kone)
    • Documentation of special lifting equipment (Kone)
    • Electrical chain block - Power Liftket (HOFFMANN Fördertechnik)
    • Electric wire rope hoists (Donatti)

    Operating/installation/maintenance manuals for machines, equipment and controllers – Forduna Ltd.:

    • Car/truck washing equipment, automatic detergent dosing equipment
    • Manuals for generator controllers (Cummins)
    • Manuals of fume extractors, cleaning machines
    • Vacuum packing machines
    • User manuals for control equipment
    • Instruction/installation manuals for ABB pressure transmitters
    • SMC pneumatic elements (PDF docs.)
    • Manuals for ultrasound welding and heat sealing machines (PFAFF)
    • KMT Waterjet Systems
    • Machines/equipment (other types)
    • Testing of metro car bogie (Alstöm)
    • Electric energy supply of Budapest IV metro (Alstöm)
    • High Voltage AC motors (Siemens)
    • Electronic control of safes (Paxos)

     Translations for construction industry – Forduna Ltd.:

    • Slovak freeway tender documents
    • Contract/Subcontract agreements, expert opinions

     Marketing campaigns, and general translations – Forduna Ltd.:

    • Advertisement/promotion materials 
    • Letters, memos
    • Minutes of meetings

    Cement equipment - DDC Vác:

    • DDC gas cooling tower specifications, deduster specifications (REDECAM)
    • Complete drawing documentation of gas filter/cooler tower (AUTOCAD)
    • Operating instructions gas filter/cooler tower
    • Operating instructions of different equipment



    Dear Mr. Ferenc Varga,

    I would like to thank  you for the translations you have done for our company.

    We are extremely pleased with your work with respect to both English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English directions. We continue to use your services in the future. You have always done translations on time and in conformity with our requirements. 

    With the expectation of our successful cooperation in the future,

    Best Regards,
    Tamás Székely
    Product Manager
    Hydronic Balancing & Control
    Danfoss Ltd.

    ● ● ●

    Forduna Translation  Agency have been co-operating with Trans Eng Bt since 2004. During this period we have asked for several general and technical translations in both English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English direction.

    The assignments, both highly technical and general, were completed with the expected quality and within specified time. We hope our cooperation will continue to be successful.

    Jantner Ferenc

    FORDuna Translation Agency



    Frank Varga


    Mobile: +36-30-705-8852